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We are a machine mediator for machines used in the PAINT and CHEMICAL INDUSTRY.




CoatSystem is a machine mediator for all kind of machines used in the paint and chemical industry. It is the solution for a more efficient and easy procurement method. 

Whenever you have an enquiry for a machine used in the paint or chemical industry, CoatSystem will find you an appropriate supplier. As soon as we receive an enquiry from you, we will forward you an appropriate questionnaire in order the get all specific requirements.

This questionnaire needs to be filled-out and should be returned to CoatSystem. We will forward this questionnaire to different eligible suppliers. They in turn will prepare a quotation that will exactly match the specific machine you have requested.  You can compare all quotations and can decide to proceed with one of the suppliers.

An efficient and effective procurement-process justifies to work with CoatSystem.

Save time and money

Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money. 

Single point of contact

Specify your requirements by completing our questionnaire and we will contact appropriate suppliers for you. 


The match between machine manufacturer and buyer has to be perfect. We search for the right party who meets all requirements. 

Feedback system

As a mediator we have to deal with both parties, the buyer and the seller. To make the perfect match we created a feedback system. Directly after the deal, we contact both parties to provide us with feedback. We only work with parties who are respectful and meet their commitments.

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Our Story


Over the past decades digitalization has radically changed our environment. Through this change (almost) every company has its own website nowadays. But there are always the same companies who are ranked on the first Google page. Most of the time because those companies have employees who are pretty good with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Optimalization (SEO). During the online search for an appropriate supplier there are many machine manufacturers not ranking high in Google and therefor not easily visible.

As a result you cannot get their offers. In order to let the buyer make a well-considered choice for a quotation and give multiple suppliers a chance we established CoatSystem.

Not only digitalization was a reason to establish CoatSystem. Through our experience we noticed that buyers sometimes request quotes for machines from suppliers that cannot offer. Because it is sometimes not exactly clear what kind of machines the company manufactures. Through our extensive database of suppliers, we can provide the buyer quotations who perfectly meet their requirements.

Get multiple quotes from different machine manufacturers from just one party. We are your machine mediator, so you do not have to answer the same question(s) asked by different parties every time. See us as an easy, time-saving and efficient system.

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The way forward

There are many reasons why digitalization creates a lot of great potential to companies. It is more efficient, brings new products and services, it optimised operation processes etc. Product development and new development processes help companies respond quickly on opportunities.

Besides new process/ product developments are companies looking for services that add value to their transactions. CoatSystem your online machine mediator is one of those solutions.

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Questions answered

WHAT IS COATSYSTEM? - CoatSystem is an efficient and effective procurement process, especially set up for the paint and chemical industry. We enable transactions between machine buyers and sellers.


HOW IT WORKS? - As soon as CoatSystem receives an inquiry from a buyer, we will forward a questionnaire in order to get all specific requirements of the machine that is being looked for. This questionnaire needs to be filled-out by the buyer and be returned to CoatSystem. We will forward this questionnaire to different appropriate suppliers. They in turn will prepare a quotation that will exactly match the specific product that has been requested.


WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF USING COATSYSTEM? - Paint and chemical producers are constantly looking for a more efficient and effective way to get machine quotations that perfectly meet their requirements. It is difficult for buyers to find the best matching supplier without spending too much time on each machine requirement. CoatSystem will help buyers to find the supplier they are looking for.


WHO IS BEHIND COATSYSTEM? - CoatSystem is part of Quoting Systems, an international agency with worldwide connections and activities. CoatSystem is a Dutch-based company consisting of a young team of enthusiastic marketing specialists with specific knowledge of the paint and chemical industry.


MISSION STATEMENT - Our mission is to be the most reliable and most recognised partner to enable transactions between paint and chemical producers and the suppliers to this industry.


DOES COATSYSTEM WORK INTERNATIONALLY? - Yes. CoatSystem operates with a global source of suppliers to the paint and chemical industry.


WHAT MACHINE TRANSACTIONS ARE BEING OFFERED BY COATSYSTEM? - We enable transactions for all machines used in the production process of the paint and chemical industry.