Are you looking to buy machinery or equipment used in the paint- ink- or chemical industry? 

Producers of paint- ink- and chemicals are constantly looking for a more efficient and effective way to get machine or equipment quotations, that perfectly meet their requirements. It is difficult for producers to find the best matching supplier without spending too much time. CoatSystem will help producers to find the supplier they are looking for.


How it works |Receive multiple quotations in 3 simple steps (no cost involved). 

  • Select the machine/equipment you are looking for.
  • We will send you an appropriate questionnaire by e-mail.
  • Return your questionnaire and receive multiple quotations.

Your online procurement system to the paint- ink- and chemical industry

Whenever you have an enquiry for a product or equipment used in a paint- ink- or chemical production process, CoatSystem will find you an appropriate supplier. As soon as we receive an enquiry from you, we will forward you an appropriate questionnaire in order the get all specific requirements.

This questionnaire needs to be filled-out and should be returned to CoatSystem. We will forward this questionnaire to different eligible suppliers. They in turn will prepare a quotation that will exactly match (or be close to) the specific product or equipment you have requested.  You can compare all quotations and can decide to proceed with one of the suppliers (no cost for you as a producer). An efficient and effective procurement-process justifies to work with CoatSystem.

Are you a machine or equipment supplier to the paint- ink- or chemical industry?

Register and receive enquiries.


How it worksReceive multiple enquiries in 3 simple steps.

  • Select the machine/equipment your company supplies.
  • Register your company and receive enquiries.
  • Prepare a quotation and your potential customer will evaluate your quotation.


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