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Are you looking for very specific production machines and want to get a number of matching quotes from different machine manufacturers? Compare multiple suppliers as a machine buyer. You only need to enter your contact information and we will contact you for futher details.

After we contact you for the details, we send you a questionnaire for the machine you are looking for. You in turn complete the questionnaire. We will inform matching machine manufacturers about your enquiry and they in return will prepare a quote.

We will send you all quotes offered by the different matching suppliers, you can compare and proceed to contact the supplier(s).

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After we receive your enquiry we will send you an e-mail with attached the questionnaire. We request you as a machine buyer to complete this questionnaire and forward it to us. We will forward this questionnaire to several machine manufacturers/ suppliers. These machine manufacturers will prepare a quotation, we in turn will forward all quotations to you. You can compare all quotations and can decide to proceed with one of the suppliers.

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What do we expect?  

A machine buyer in the paint and chemical industry, generally need more time and effort than one push on a button. CoatSystem assists you as a machine buyer to get different quotations, up to the moment you decide to proceed with one of the suppliers.

To offer you the best matching quotation(s), we expect the following:

  • Complete our questionnaire as much as possible
  • If possible, add specific attachment like ‘documents/ drawings’
  • Be open to answer any questions we may have during the process
  • Serious feedback about the offered quotes

If you have any question(s), contact us.


Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money.

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Free Quotations from multiple Machine Manufacturers

Receive quotations (free of charge) and compare the different appropriate suppliers. You can decide to proceed with any of the suppliers. 

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You only have to provide detailed information about the machine you are looking for, just one single time.

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Through our worldwide network, we will find an eligible supplier for you.