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We are a mediator for machines used in the paint and chemical industry. There are many machines (production machines e.g. filling- dispensing machines, dissolvers etc.) involved in the production process of paint and chemicals. Every machine is crucial and important in this process.

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Distillation Machine

Distillation is the most commonly used method for the separation of homogeneous fluid mixtures. Distillation has relatively high energy demands per unit of separated product. The distillation process needs more energy but after distillation the solvent can be reused for cleaning. This process is (solvent) cost saving and environmentally friendly.

The distillation process

Distillation is one of the oldest and most used separation processes that exist in chemical industries worldwide. First of all, the contaminated solvent is filled into the distillation plant before distillation. In the distillation plant there is a heat transfer medium which heats the contaminated solvents. When the solvent boiling temperature is reached, the solvent begins to evaporate. During distillation, solvent vapours flow through a heat exchanger and emerge from the distillation plant as a clean and reusable reclaimed solvent. The solvent can be reused for cleaning.

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