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We are a mediator for machines used in the paint and chemical industry. There are many machines (production machines e.g. filling- dispensing machines, dissolvers etc.) involved in the production process of paint and chemicals. Every machine is crucial and important in this process.

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Filling Machine 

The filling machine is used in the final stage of the production process for the filling of chemicals for example paint. Filling can be subdivided into two main technologies: volumetric or gravimetric.

 Volumetric filling machines are based on a self-priming cylinder. A piston moves in a cylinder and the stroke length and diameter of the cylinder determine the filling volume. Gravimetric filling machines weigh the exact weight with a filling valve that is positioned above a scale. Scale in combination with the filling program controls the filling valve, resulting in a weighing process. The most useful method for your company depends on several factors for example product characteristics or desired amount for example for volumes above approx. 20 liters gravimetric is recommended.

The paint industry requires semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines to fill large batches in cans / buckets (sales packaging). The chemical industry has a wide range of applications: for example all kinds of cleaning products, oil, solvents, etc. These applications require a different approach because a cleaning substance can start to foam during above level filling especially if the filling machine fills too fast. To prevent this foaming, a sub-level filling lance is required in order to fill the product below level.

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Even with the most thorough knowledge of a Filling Machine, it is possible to end up very unsatisfied if you do not work with the right supplier.

Important is to work with an experienced and trustworthy company. CoatSytem helps you to proceed with the right supplier. Send your enquiry and complete our appropriate questionnaire for the machine you are looking for. We will offer you several quotations from multiple suppliers what exactly match your specifications and requirements.

CoatSystem can help you to compare machine manufacturers and  to achieve your company goals. Our system will save you time and gives new insights. Communication is our keyword and we know what is important for you. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about our service or the machine you are looking for.




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