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We are a mediator for machines used in the paint and chemical industry. There are many machines (production machines e.g. filling- dispensing machines, dissolvers etc.) involved in the production process of paint and chemicals. Every machine is crucial and important in this process.

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Manufacturing Industry

The industrial revolution of the manufacturing industry started in the 18th century. The revolution brought many innovations to this industry. Among these innovations was the use of machinery, primarily steam-powered. This trend reduced labor costs and increased the factory efficiency.

Manufacturing is production of products for use or sale. The manufacturing industry produce a variety of machinery, from industrial to household machines. Machines all have a common function, reduce labor cost, produce more products and be more efficient.

The machines used in the manufacturing industry can be grouped into two categories, standard- and custom made machines. Custom made is more expensive because it takes longer to build but in the end it is more profitable.

Manufacturing costs are costs during the production of the product. It includes the cost of production machines, direct material, direct labor and manufacturing overhead, major expenses but necessary. Examples of cost types:

  • Employee wages
  • Machine and equipment maintenance/ repair
  • Factory utilities
  • Factory related insurance
  • Taxes

Efficiency is how manufacturing companies are able to separate themselves from others. The more efficiently a company can produce, the lower costs and higher profit margin. One major trend is using high-tech production techniques, such as, programmable machines, robotics, etc. Another trend is to concentrate more on the core business through outsource activities.

In the last decades almost every branch went to developments and changes, especially the paint and chemical industry but still it can be even more efficient in the coming years. Particularly in the area of information technology, environment and machine automatization. Branch development depends mostly on the produced products profit margins. To keep the company up in running, some companies will relocate their production process, with the primary reason to save labor cost. This trend creates opportunities for e.g. machine manufacturers.

Machine manufacturers

Machinery is an essential part of a business in the chemical industry to processes chemicals on a large scale. The aim of these companies is to create new or separate new materials. The machinery used in chemical or paint factories are specialised to manufacture these products. Chemical engineers are involved in many aspects in the company, mainly to design processes that convert chemicals, raw materials, energy etc. into useful forms and products. But they help also to improve/ develop plant design and operations, control engineering, chemical reaction- and control engineering, etc.


Modern machines are systems consisting of a power source that generate forces and movement. For many decades ago human and animal effort were the original power source for machines. Nowadays there are many other power sources, e.g. fluid power (hydraulic and pneumatic systems), electric motors etc. Modern machines are complex and consist of structural elements, mechanisms and control components. These elements provide structure for the machine and control in movement. 

Increasing international competition, cost pressure and digitalization are main topics the machine manufacturers are facing today. The Dutch and German mechanical engineering companies are leading players in the global market especially in technology. This industry is reaching a production value of hundreds billions of euros each year. Right now the most popular machines in the paint and chemical industry are the filling machines, dispensing machines and the packaging machines.


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