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We are a mediator for machines used in the paint and chemical industry. There are many packaging machines (such as labeling machines, palletizers) involved in the production process of paint and chemicals. Every machine is crucial and important in this process.

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After you returned the filled-out questionnaire to us, we will forward it to different eligible suppliers. They in turn will prepare a quotation that exactly match the machine you have requested. You can compare all quotations and can decide to proceed with one of the suppliers.

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The most requested packaging machines

Industrial Labeling machine

An Industrial labeling machine, is indispensable during the production process. More information about an Industrial labeling machine, click here.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

A Stretch Wrapping Machine, is indispensable during the production process. More information about an Stretch Wrapping Machine, click here.


Before the first palletizer, workers stacked cans, boxes and other packages by hand. The first palletizer was introduced in 1948. Back then, the machine had a simple design. Nowadays, palletizers are used to rotate and lift pallets or to automatically stack the products on a pallet. Regardless of type, a palletizer can perform a wide variety of tasks. Palletizers are used all over the globe and usually in all kinds of warehouses and industries, such as: chemicalpaint, automotive, consumer products, etc.

A palletizer is indispensable during the production process. More information about a palletizer, click here.


Click here, to explore all micellaneous machines. 


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