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Procurement is very important, if not the most important part of a business. In its basic sense procurement is buying goods, but it means to a business person much more and the definition is more complex. Procurement professionals are busy with purchase of equipment, machines, goods, products and services for the right terms and conditions on a daily base.

As in most business organizations, procurement involves people, processes and technology. A procurement professional is really important for the organisation and creates a lot of value in many different ways. Such as contribute product innovation, sustainability and commercial- and operation results. Procurement is constantly evolving in all different branches, nationally and internationally.

Importance of procurement

The Phases

Procurement has a direct impact on three of the most important basic factors: costs, turnover and profit. Purchasing is a significant component for any business. One of the fundamentals of it is to purchase goods for the best terms and conditions.

The procurement process is composed of different phases. CoatSystem supports and takes the following phases (alongside) off your hands.

We cannot, and do not wish to have any influence on important decisions/work such as negotiations, drafting contracts and other contractual documents. We will be there to assist you and make your job easier. We aim to offer you a quote that meets all your requirements.

Phase 1

Orientation phase, based on your needs and demands

Phase 2

Analyse of eligible suppliers

Phase 3

Requesting quotes from different appropriate suppliers

Phase 4

Maintain contact and exchange information with the different suppliers

About our

Digital way of working

There have been a number of purchasing trends over the last few years. Approx. 20 years ago every organisation bought their machines and equipment offline. Nowadays it is possible to buy almost anything online. Purchasing trends in the 21st century are definitely moving more to online. Even if companies want to buy offline, they do their pricing research online.

There are a lot of companies who already are transformed digitally and changed their strategies in a more online way of working. CoatSystem is established to support your purchase department online by offering multiple quotes. Through our matching system, business will be more efficient and happen correct and smoothly for both the buyer and the seller.

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Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money.

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Free Quotations from multiple Machine Manufacturers

Receive quotations (free of charge) and compare the different appropriate suppliers. You can decide to proceed with any of the suppliers. 

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You only have to provide detailed information about the machine you are looking for, just one single time.

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