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Register your company at CoatSystem and sell your machines. We are a mediator for machines used in the paint and chemical industry. There are many machines involved in the production process of paint and chemicals. Every machine is crucial and important in this process.

After you have registered your company as an eligible supplier, your company will be entered in our system. All enquiries that we get for machines your company supplies, will be directed to you.

Whenever you receive an enquiry, we ask you to prepare a quotation. After receipt, we will forward your quotation to the buyer (your potential customer). They in turn will evaluate your quotation, which will enhance their investment decision.

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There are many reasons why digitalization creates a lot of great potential to companies. It is more efficient, brings new products and services, it optimised operation processes etc. Product development and new development processes help companies respond quickly on opportunities.

The selling process for machines your company supplies, generally need more time and effort than one push on a button. CoatSystem is the solution to sell your machines. Register your company and receive multiple enquiries from potential buyers. In order to make the best match, we expect the following:

  • Prepare a quotation after receiving the completed questionnaire
  • If there are any questions, ask us. We will contact the potential buyer

If you have any question(s), contact us.

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Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money.

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Receive quotations (free of charge) and compare the different appropriate suppliers. You can decide to proceed with any of the suppliers. 

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You only have to provide detailed information about the machine you are looking for, just one single time.

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