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Basic terms and conditions on Quotations, Inquiries and Agreements

Proper use of our service, will generate the machine buyer (producer of paint and chemicals) quotations from multiple appropriate suppliers. Whenever a purchase agreement between a buyer and supplier (machine manufacturer) has been established, both parties are obliged to inform CoatSystem about the contract sum and the date when the agreement was effectuated.

These terms and conditions are applicable on all quotations, inquiries, agreements and/or documents in whatever shape or form. CoatSystem can always impose (further) requirements on communication between parties. Buyer and Seller guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information provided to CoatSystem. CoatSystem reserves the right to refuse inquiries and/or quotations without further notice.

On all services and agreements, these ‘General terms and conditions’ as well as our privacy policy apply.


Quotations include a full and detailed description of the machine offered by Supplier. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a good assessment by the (potential) machine buyer. All quotations made are at the sole responsibility of Supplier / machine manufacturer. Quotations will explicitly state the validity period and should stipulate any specific conditions whenever applicable.


 Inquiries include a full and detailed description of the machine needed by potential buyer. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a good assessment by Supplier. Completeness and correctness of inquiries (questionnaires) will be the sole responsibility of potential machine buyer.


Agreements between Coatsystem and buyer/seller are only valid if concluded in writing or by digital confirmation. Agreements can only be terminated with a twelve months’ notice. Terminations are only  accepted when presented in writing. For any transaction within twelve months after ending of the agreement, Buyer and Seller are obliged to inform Coatsystem about the contract sum and the date when the agreement was effectuated. Agreed upon flat fees or commissions are still valid.

Commissions and cost

Coatsystem will charge Supplier/ Machine manufacturer a commission for any transaction as a result of utilizing Coatsystem services. This commission being charged will be 2,5 % of the contract sum with a minimum of € 50,-

Machine buyer will not be charged any commission or flat fee for any transaction. Coatsystem has the right to adjust any commission and/or flat fee with a 6 months prior notice.


Invoices are in Euro and payment is due within 14 days after date of invoice. In case of late payment, we have the right to charge the legal trade interest and a fine of € 50,-. Complaints regarding invoices should be submitted to us in writing within 8 (eight) calendar days after date of invoice.

Retention and risks

We use several techniques to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the information received from the parties involved. Coatsystem can not be held responsible for any misleading information and/or misuse of the system.

Response times

Response times as mentioned are just meant as indications. Actual response times may differ.

Intellectual property rights

You will not copy, re-publish, remove or adjust/modify any (confidential) information or website content of CoatSystem. Trademark and copyright related icons and logos are protected under applicable law. Use or publication of any information and/or trademark of Coatsystem is strictly prohibited.

Transfer of rights and obligations

CoatSystem retains the right to transfer information to any third party, completely or partially, without prior written approval of Buyer/Seller. Please check our ‘Privacy policy’ for more information. In the event of a change of ownership or other business transition, such as a merger, acquisition or sales of our assets, your registration, including all information stored therein, may be transferred in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Applicable law and disputes

Agreement(s) between Buyer/Seller and Coatsystem shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands and the parties here by submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.

Other provisions

We reserve the right to change these ’General terms and conditions’. When visiting our website and/or utilizing our services, you agree to our ’General terms and conditions’ and ’Privacy policy’. It is your responsibility to check these conditions.


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