The Questionnaires

Why and how are the questionnaires used by us


A questionnaire?

Questionnaires make it simple to gain data. In order to provide a supplier as much information as possible, it is important to complete the questionnaire. Answer as much as possible questions for the machine you are looking for.

Our questionnaires consist of multiple pages and are structured. All questions market with (*) need to be answered. If relevant questions/details are missing in order to prepare a quotation, please describe under ‘Remarks’ or ‘specify’.


Which questions can you expect?

The questionnaire gives us the opportunity to explain your potential supplier exactly what you are looking for. All questions answered in one document, makes it easy and well-arranged. The questions are varied from specific machine features to additional information such as supplier reputation, experience and specific countries or companies you do not want to deal with (this kind of information will be kept strictly confidential). Only information the supplier needs to prepare a quote will be send.

Our questionnaires are made in Adobe Acrobat Standard DC. You can simply open the questionnaire to answer all the questions and after completion, you can return it to us.

Open ended questions

The questions are accompanied by a text box that leaves room for you to write freely

Rating scales questions

It offers a scale of numbers and ask to rate various items

Multiple choice questions

It offers you several options of answers. You can select one answer or multiple, you can select as many answers as necessary

Yes or No questions

To keep it simple, of course you can specify your answer


Privacy Statement

All information collected by us will only be used for the purpose and services as described in our Privacy Policy.

More information about


CoatSystem is a mediator for all kind of machines used in the paint and chemical industry. Our easy to use system allows machine buyers to get machine quotes from multiple suitable suppliers. You simply contact us by phone or email, after discussing your needs we will send you a questionnaire.

When you return the completed questionnaire we will contact multiple suppliers, they in return will prepare a quote. You only have to contact us in order to get different quotations. However you are still free to contact your regular suppliers. In that case we would need to know these suppliers.

We know our client and their needs. We are there to offer a listening ear, resulting in successful matches.

Excellent service and support, with a personal touch. We will enhance to create and encourage a fair and open playing field for all sizes of companies.

We always seek to improve and innovate our service. To be of greater value to you every day, feedback is important for us. 


Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money.

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Free Quotations from multiple Machine Manufacturers

Receive quotations (free of charge) and compare the different appropriate suppliers. You can decide to proceed with any of the suppliers. 

Single point of contact

You only have to provide detailed information about the machine you are looking for, just one single time.

Worldwide Network

Through our worldwide network, we will find an eligible supplier for you.