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How to save time and money

If you are considering to purchase a machine used in de paint and chemical industry, we are there to help and provide many advantages. Effective communication between all parties is essential for successful completion of purchases. Through our service you only have one party to communicate with, so no longer the same questions from multiple suppliers about the machine(s) you are looking for. Our extended questionnaires helps us to know which suppliers we have to contact and provide you the best matching quotations.

Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money. If you already contacted your regular supplier(s) to provide you a quote, no problem. We will provide you quotes from other suppliers, that you may never have thought of. Through our extended questionnaires with detailed technical questions of the machine, we can provide you the best quotations. When you make important decisions, it is important you make a well-considered choice.



Utilise our service and soon you will experience the conveniences. The efficiency of our system saves you time and money.

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Single point of contact

At most similar websites the buyer should contact the different machine manufacturers themselves. Resulting in a lot of contacts with different suppliers, what can be very confusing.

Specify your requirements by completing our questionnaire and we will do this for you. In your preferred period of time, we offer multiple quotations from different suppliers.

Advice and knowledge

Due to our experience and feedback system, we have extended knowledge of different suppliers and their work ethic. Our responsibility is to serve your needs and make the best match. We are there to provide you the best quotes and make impartial recommendations.



CoatSystem has a very extended database with the best machine manufacturers all over the world. Due to our use of different marketing strategies, for example SEA, SEO, LinkedIn promotions etc. are we online visible and there are many machine manufacturers who already registered their company in our database.

The choice is always up to you, but we can provide you from quotes of machine manufacturers where you may have never thought of.




Most people prefer to have contact by e-mail, so everything what has been discussed can be found properly. But @ CoatSystem you can communicate in whatever way you are most comfortable with, or that fits into your busy life.




The match between machine manufacturer and buyer has to be perfect. We search for the right party who meets all requirements. Our job consist a lot of responsibility, but we do it with a lot of pleasure an passion every day.



Feedback System

As a mediator we have to deal with both parties, the buyer and the seller. To make the perfect match we created a feedback system. Directly after the deal, we contact both parties to provide us with feedback. We only work with parties who are respectful and meet their commitments.